USTI Mission

USTI® has a mission to empower hairstylists, barbers, salons/spas owners, beauty professionals and medical professionals with the most advanced knowledge and education related to hair loss and scalp disorders. To provide everything from an introduction to Trichology to the most comprehensive and up to date Full Trichology education training program available anywhere in the world. These courses are designed to help you understand the emotional, psychological and physical symptoms associated with hair loss. Learn how to manage your clients’ needs through a comprehensive trichology training course. USTI® offers you the business, marketing and trichology product knowledge and training; offering you the opportunity to provide your client’s with the best solutions, resulting in the ultimate customer service experience that one may provide to their clients.

  • To provide the Highest Standards in the Industry and unparalleled credibility by use of testing and certification not only thought the US Trichology Institute’s high standards but by those of the independent and prestigious American Medical Certification Association (AMCA).
  • To provide online, paper and digital certification and patches of identification of your Trichology achievements.
  • To provide not just the education on hair loss and scalp issues but the Business, Marketing and operational help you needs to be successful.
  • Treatment knowledge, unlike other programs the USSTI Program provides training on all types of treatments from medical procures like hair transplants and prescriptions to LLLT laser therapy and cosmetic and over the counter products for hair loss.
  • To help Trichology professional network together to help enhance their educational and learning experiences.
  • To make this training accessible to all qualified professionals by offer classes nationwide in classrooms and online anywhere in the world. (classes are starting to for all over the world as well)
  • To make sure by taking the USTI Trichology Certification training courses you will discover treatment options to enhance your services for current clients and how to attract new clientele for your salon, spa or hair loss center.