USTI Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting, and Business Development Services

USTI instructors: USTI board members and coaches are uniquely qualified to help you and your business. Not only do they have the Hair Industry experience as Trichologists, Doctors and Hair Practitioners, but they also run their offices or Trichology business and use the same products, lasers and devices that you do.

Most successful people have coaches: Most people who achieve great success all have a mentor or a coach! From Michael Jordan to Paul Mitchell, they understand the value of having and learning from experienced people who have already made the mistakes and learn how to do things right. Don’t waste valuable time re-inventing the wheel, learn how to do it right the first time.

Successful USTI Business Coaching happens with scheduled weekly or bi-weekly phone calls or Skype sessions.

  • Business Coaching
  • Creating Business Goals
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Objections
  • Products and kits
  • Benefits with our Formulas and Ingredients
  • Comprehensive Consultations and Scoping
  • Business Opportunity – How to implement and run a successful Trichology business
  • Marketing Concepts and Materials
  • Complete Business start up – what is needed
  • Creating Actions List
  • Life-Line Calls


Profit Potential:

The average one year program of in-salon low level laser therapy session with products typically sells for $2,500-$3,500, therefore selling to just one person can make your investment money back. Even if you are just selling HairMax® LaserBand 82®’s with products, charging $800-$1,000+, just a few sales can make your money back. Plus, you can continue using the information and training that you have learned throughout the course of your career, further adding to your profits,

USTI Coaching Suite of Services:

Plan 1:  Quick Start Business Program

We will identify important issues, explore possibilities and clarify values, while creating a plan of action.

You will receive your coaching call at a specific time every week. The call last 30 minutes and includes (4) sessions for a total of 1 month.

Investment Cost – $300 (one-time payment)       


Plan 2: Jump Start & Move Your Business forward (Core business essentials program):

Tweaking, transforming, reshaping and re-defining your vision for your business with simple core essentials.

You will receive your coaching call at a specific time every (2) weeks. The call last 60 minutes and includes (4) sessions for a total of 2 months, including one (30) minute bonus call.

Investment Cost – $649.00 (2 monthly payments of $325.00)


Plan 3: Reaching Your Potential

Planning sessions focusing on key area’s to move your business to the next level.

Re-design and re-discover your passion!


You will receive your coaching call at a specific time every (2) weeks. The call last 60 minutes and includes (8) sessions for a total of 4 months, including two (30) minute bonus calls.

Investment Cost – $1,599 (4 monthly payments of $399.75)    

To be offered in the future:

Life-Line Calls (15-30 minute response times) package includes (2) calls (15-20 minutes) Mon-Friday 9 AM-5 PM $149.00


Accept the Challenge: USTI coaches will challenge you and takes the time to find out what winning in life means to you. Our coaches will provide you with the most important tools, personal support and structure to guide you with your life’s goals and purpose, while improving your work/life balance.

Have a Valuable Recourse: A USTI coach is an excellent resource, someone who can guide you to utilize your strengths, talents and assets. Coaching is a creative partnership in the achievement of your personal and professional goals by holding you accountable to implement meaningful change.

Personal Relationship: This ongoing personal relationship with your USTI coach will give you the confidence to move forward in your business knowing that a trusted mentor has your back should situations arise that you don’t know the best way to handle.

Coaching works: because our coaches center on your needs, values and vision. We live in a very challenging world and it is very easy to get off track with what is most important to you. A coach keeps you focused on your new opportunity and on a purpose.

One-on-one Personalized Success Calls: These are designed to focus personalized attention to you and your business, empowering you to achieve specific business goals by preparing powerful Action Lists that keep you accountable, focused and moving your business forward.

Changes and Improvements: Business coaching is about making changes and improvements so that you can take your business to the next level. So that you and your business can perform at a much higher level, with continued growth and increased profit margins. The USTI process identifies areas for improvement and is action-oriented.

Role of the USTI Business Coach: Life happens and it’s easy to go back to your old routine after taking a class on Hair Loss and its opportunities. Our role is to keep you honest and focused on clearly defined goals, challenging thinking, beliefs and assumptions, while offering constructive feedback and finding ways to deal with potential obstacles that often de-rail business owners.

Goal Oriented Coaching:  USTI coaches support you when you become blocked, or face something that is too difficult to address without support. This is where a coach steps in to help! They can use effective questioning and other resources to help coach you to be more self-aware, self-correcting or self-generating.