USTI® Testimonials

I have been a cosmetologist for over 19 years. I developed a passion for Trichology several years ago and recently decided to take the leap to become a fully certified Trichologist. After doing much research on the internet I found that USTI is the ONLY reputable school in the U.S. The entire staff is not only very professional but also kind and incredibly helpful with any and all questions. The classes were beyond my imagination! The things I have learned so far have only deepened my passion for helping people suffering from hair loss. I am forever grateful for the education I have received at USTI. If you are someone who is passionate about helping your clients or patients with hair loss, look no further, USTI is absolutely, unequivocally, without a doubt where you want to be!
Thank you US Trichology Institute, you have changed my life!

-Molly H.

I highly recommend this class. Not only was I educated on another part of the beauty industry it is going to help open new doors within my career. The information was taught it such a lovely way, I was able to comprehend and digest all of the materials.
-Christy B. IL

Thank you so much, the class was phenomenal. I learned a lot!

I learned that I can now apply my knowledge to my clients and help them with their health of their scalp and hair. Especially the ones with hair loss.
-Kelly S. MD

First, I just want to say thank you for helping and (most of my class members) with all. of our questions and just making sure we got what we needed to get where we needed. The class was great! I loved, loved my instructors! Lots of information so I’m on overload still but excited about the next step. I would like to do the entire course…
-Lakeisha Heard-Webb, KS

This class is awesome!

Yes, the class was very informative. I truly feel like every barber and cosmetologist should take the class.
-Sharna J. Baltimore, Maryland

This class was full of information that will assist stylists in building self-esteem for their clients that suffer from thinning hair.
-LaToya W., Queens

I learned many forms of alopecia. There was so much information in two days. I appreciate the knowledge given.
-Keilana S. Los Angeles, California

I recommend this class. I will recommend this class because it is very informal and it will increase the revenue at your business. In this class I learned about the different types of hair and scalp disorders. I learned about the different type of hair loss and hair products to help hair growth.
-Danasia L. Baltimore, Maryland

I would definitely recommend this class! Anyone wishing to further their knowledge in cosmetology and trichology, ultimately increasing their income and well being will benefit greatly! I wish to take this all the way!
-Alicia H., Miami, FL

I would highly recommend this class! Hair loss and unhealthy scalp is increasing today. As a stylist, we are all the first line of defense to aid in identifying hair loss issues. The curriculum will help stylists to increase their knowledge in hair care.
-Judy C. Miami, FL

This course taught a lot of vital information on how to be successful in business and how to be informative to the clients you serve.
-Mercedes H., Cleveland, OH

I am still very early in developing my own hair care business, so I was thrilled to find this workshop and was pleased with all of the material covered and the opportunity to take an exam and get a certification.
-Janelle J., Chicago
You should definitely go (to this class). I just completed the 2-day class yesterday and what I learned far exceeded my expectations. Today I am seeing a client who will greatly benefit from the knowledge I received from the course.
-Tanya Bibb
Just finished my class in Atlanta and I am now a Certified Hair Loss Specialist. I am truly blessed, inspired, and now, a bit more knowledgeable in the Trichology field. Thanks, United States Trichology Institute, for the opportunity.
-Coco Robertson Hair Loss Specialist Atlanta
This business is very lucrative.
-Kiky F., Chicago
You did an excellent job today! I especially appreciate the integrity you and the company have.
-Jeannette B., Chicago
Bill is a very good teacher. I have learned so much about the integrity of your company and hair loss treatment products.
-Tamela S.
I learned a lot about the different types of alopecia. I have clients that told me they had alopecia, but I didn’t know there were different types. I feel more educated to assist my clients that have self-esteem issues due to hair loss.
-LaToya W., Queens
In this class, I learned several ways to discuss, treat and offer proven solutions for clients and potential clients who have these issues.
-Gerdia G., Queens
I’d recommend this class, absolutely. If you are interested in health hair, and all stylists should be, you should be interested in giving these treatments to your clients.
-Keisha W., Queens

Thank you so much for all the informative information! I’m so glad I signed up for the associate class.

You are an amazing instructor. I really enjoyed your teaching style.
-Erica R.

I would definitely recommend this class to any hair care specialist. It will give them a greater advantage on how to identify and treat a client with hair and scalp issues.
-Tara P. MD

I learned that there is information and tools to help people. It also the information to add an increase my business and to give my clients the information to let them know that there is hope for hair loss.
-Patricia H. FL

Absolutely! I learned a lot of info! Trina is awesome!! She made sure we retained the information and her energy. It’s exciting and fun to learn more about hair loss. Especially, Alopecia in general suffer from only what medical doctors told me. With this class, I gained better understanding why holistic approach solving problems. Can’t wait to share my knowledge with others.
-Kimberly, C. Baltimore, Maryland

I learned in this class how to scope, laser, fundamentals of the hair follicle and basics to start my own business.
-Tiesha S. Chicago, Illinois

Yes, I would recommend this class to others that would love to further their education in the cosmetology field because it’s great to be able to make a difference and to assist and address common concerns of men and women.
-Tanika M. Chicago, Illinois

The class is good for any professional in the industry who treats clients with hair and scalp disorders. It will empower them to help their clients understand causes of hair loss and solutions for treating it.
-Jennifer S., Detroit
I would recommend this class to any hair stylist or cosmetology professional for a better understanding of the scalp and hair growth. I feel more comfortable in servicing all of my clients whether they are experiencing hair loss or not, because of this greater understanding I may now make better judgment call when deciding on the products and regimen for each individual client based on their scalp and genetic makeup.
-Williams, NY
I was able to understand the different types of hair loss, as well as types of treatments offered. Learning the science behind lasers was fascinating!
-Malissa Peterson
I went through training with USTI® and loved it! It inspired and rekindled my life long dreams to own and operate my own clinic. I can see it again – vision!!!!!!
-Vernon L. Wright, Atlanta
I have learned so much about hair and product, and hair loss. SO happy I was here!
-Trousa Slaton

I’m actually traveling home to Indiana from the class that was in Atlanta. I’m so excited to get back to the salon, and execute what I’ve learn. At first I was nervous, but everything was broken down for us. I recommend this class highly. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
-Rosalind W., Atlanta 

This class was extremely informative. It’s very important for cosmetologists to have a better understanding of how important the problem of hair loss is, why it occurs and how to treat it, which will allow their clients to have more confidence and to feel better about themselves.
-Vivian B., Queens

I learned how to increase my salon profits and a better understand of what causes hair loss and how to treat it.
-Vivian B., Queens

The information in this class is eye opening.
-Sharon B., Queens

After this class, I now know I can help my clients and establish my own {hair loss} center.
-Ariel C., Queens

This class is a wealth of information.
-Nadia V., Queens

I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who would truly want to get into the hair loss market and increase their revenue.
-Natasha P., Queens

This class was very thorough and honest with explanations.
-Ester K., Queens

I would recommend this class. It was very informative. A hair stylist/cosmetologist should never stop learning.
-Keisha B., Queens

Thank you so much for the education and all your knowledge shared during the course. I have some science background and have always incorporated the science and health portion to hair and scalp with cosmetology. Over all the years of research I have done this, does not even compare to the education I have gotten through USTI. I’m excited to start this avenue in my business and help people.
-Christina G.

This class was very informative and I truly appreciate the experience. See you in clinicals!
-Twyla R.

I would recommend this class because it gives you the necessary info to advance your services to the next level.
-Kimberly S. MI

Yes, I would recommend this class. I learned a lot about how to go and help those clients who are constantly asking how they can grow their hair that they are losing for whatever reason they are losing it. So much information and out educator was to the point and clear. I think we need more education on the products so we know what to use at 1st.
-Angelica, L. Baltimore, Maryland

I received a wealth of information to continue on with my business. Yes I would recommend this entire program. Stylists should be educated on hair loss.
-Kellina M. DC/Baltimore

I learned so much. First we learned different types of alopecia and different ways conditions could affect hair growth. We also learned how to work the laser.
-Darnita Queens, NY

Yes I would recommend this class. This class is a dream come true. Specializing in hair replacement this class inspired me to be more professional. Learning to be able to communicate with clients gives me confidence and safety with my result.
-Kimberly Queens, NY

This class enlightened me that there is plenty of information that can help many who have scalp conditions and hair loss. I realize I must come back and complete everything because this class has given me a hunger to learn more! This class was great!
-Suzette Robinson, Atlanta
In this class, I learned more in depth information and knowledge on how to diagnose, analyze and treat various hair loss conditions and forms of alopecia!
-Courtney Page-Scott, Atlanta

Thank you for a ton of helpful information!
-Mawril G., Baltimore

I would recommend this class because I think it’s a good to educate the stylist with the many options for their clients experiencing hair loss.
-Lisa Marie H., Queens

I now have the knowledge to help my clients grow hair and prevent their own personal hair loss. I’m really excited about learning more and continuing my education in becoming a hair loss practitioner.
-Monisha B., Baltimore

I had an acquaintance register the night before the class when I mentioned I was taking it – she came with me. I will definitely pass on what I learned, experienced and the knowledge I received.
-Angela C., Baltimore

I would certainly recommend this class to any professional that would want to effectively provide solutions for their hair loss clients and offer hair loss prevention.
-Rotasha K., Baltimore

I now see the value on how I can increase revenue in my salon.
-Nathalie S., Baltimore

I learned that even after a number of years of loss, hair re-growth is still possible.
-Regina R., Baltimore
I just received my certification in the mail. The class is awesome – worth every penny.
-Danielle B., New Orleans
I am still very early in developing my own hair care business, so I was thrilled to find this workshop and was pleased with all of the material covered and the opportunity to take an exam and get a certification.
-Janelle J., Chicago
I just can’t stop talking about [the class]! I am so excited to learn more and I’m looking forward to class 2 already!

Thank you for teaching me about the variety of laser treatment options and how a multi-therapeutic program can help my clients.
-Jan, Hartford

This course was informative – from causes and treatments to lasers and products.
-Mel C., Hartford

Today I learned about the different types of hair disorders as well as the scientific concept behind laser treatments. Thank you for an excellent education.
-Amber B.
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learned a great deal.
-Annette C.

I’ve been given a great overview on hair loss and laser treatment. I also learned about the different types of hair loss, including different types of Alopecia.
-Tamika C., Hartford