Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is the difference between the US Trichology Institute and other trichology training programs?

A: Practicality and quality. The Trichology Certification Course is designed to allow you to become a Hair Loss Specialist in one day. You will be prepared to help your clients with genetic hair loss and improve your salon revenues.

Many trichology programs assume everybody is going to be a full trichologist: spending $6,000 – $10,000 dollars to get their trichology education over several years.

USTI® understands that most stylist, salon owners and hair loss professionals have an interest in hair loss, need training and hair loss certification. Only a few people interested in hair loss education will become a fully certified trichologist. The USTI® one and two day courses are designed to give you a practical education. The USTI® courses allow you to achieve certification and gain a knowledge base you can implement to help your clients. You invest in a one day or two day trichology course to get certified and your clients can benefit immediately.

USTI® offers a trichology program that includes products that can be sold for $225, and lunch, so your investment is minimal. Invest your time and develop an entirely new revenue stream for your practice.

Q:What is the deadline for enrolling?

A: Please register early, seating is limited. Added Bonus: if you sign-up 60 days before the course you will receive an added bonus. Deadline for registration is seven days prior to the course.

Online courses do not have a deadline for enrollment, and can be taken any time.

Q:Do you have a payment plan?

A: Yes, payments plans are available. Payment plans are detailed on the one day and two course pages.

Q: Why spend thousands of dollars trying to get a trichology degree, with no steps along the way to help you make money or help your clients?

A:  All the information is new for 2016 Trichology Certification Courses (unlike most other programs, which use research from the 1980’s). Many older trichology classes and CD’s use outdated information, statistics and procedure training. New therapies and resulting studies need to be part of your training. Laser hair therapy is an important part of your course curriculum. There are 3,500+ studies showing the safety of Laser hair therapies and there are many FDA clearances/approvals that you need to learn about. USTI® has the latest information on the 2015 hair laser approvals and FDA rulings you need to know about as part of your course training. You will be provided with the relevant studies and before & after pictures to review. Enhanced knowledge and up to date technologies need to be a part of your trichology education.

Q: What is the benefit of the Hair Loss Specialist Course?

A: This Hair Loss Specialist Business Course will help you to identify which types of hair loss are treatable and which types of hair loss are not treatable. This trichology course will allow you to help those with the most common types of hair loss. You will learn which conditions should be referred to a medical professional. The advanced education will allow you help your clients make the right choices for their treatment needs.

You will learn about the latest trichology treatment technologies including: laser hair loss therapy, topical treatments (such as enhanced Minoxidil with topical DHT blockers), and scalp cleansers, that help Minoxidil or other topical stimulators to work more effectively.

You will learn the importance of internal vitamins & DHT blockers. Training will help you learn how to combine all of these in the most effective, multi- therapeutic treatment approach for hair loss. Regardless of the type of hair loss, or the brand of product you are using, you need to know how to maximize your clients’ results.

You will also receive a Trichology Certificate of Completion. This certificate recognizes you and your efforts to learn the material to become a hair loss specialist. The certification is issued  by the highly respected US Trichology Institute and AMCA.

*Applicable toward your full trichology education program.

Q: Once I take the one day Hair Loss Specialist Course, what is next?

A: The next step would be to take the two day Hair Loss Practitioners course – the 1 day Hair Loss Specialist Course helps prepare you for the two day Hair Loss Practitioners Course. The two day course offers more in-depth training and eduction about hair loss. You will learn about all the different types of hair loss and the techniques you need to help diagnose hair loss. You will learn to properly select the right treatment to match your client’s specific needs. The Hair Loss Practitioner’s Course extensively covers: how to manage your consultations, how to use a Capillascope, how to do checkups, and provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how to treat hair loss.

*Covers 13 chapters of the 28 chapters in the full Trichology Education Course.

Q: Do I receive a Hair Loss Specialist or Hair Loss Practitioners Certificate after completing the courses?

A: Yes, once you pass your certification test you will receive your Hair Loss Specialist or Hair Loss Practitioners Certificate. Tests can be retaken if not passed on the first attempt.

Q: What if I want to be a full Trichologist?

A: The one and two day courses offered by the US Trichology Institute help to prepare you for the full trichologist. You can start your tricholigist degree program with the US Trichology Institute or other participating courses or associations. Choose a nationally recognized trichologist program to get the best return on your educational investment.