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USTI Graduates – Trichologist Graduates

We are proud to announce the following as USTI Trichologist Graduates, having successfully taken and passed all of USTI’s certification courses and exams, including the final Practical In-Clinic Training Course. US Trichology Institute sets the highest of standards for both curriculum and testing and is the only Trichology course in the US partnered with the American Medical Certification Association.

We are confident in their abilities to help you find treatment for your hair loss. To receive contact information for a Trichologist near you, please click on a referral link below.

You can search by Name, City, State and Zip/Postal Code.

Contact NameStateCityBusiness Name 
Catherine CiprianoMISt. Clair ShoresCcurlsREFERRAL
Edtrina JonesDENew CastleThe Hair ExperienceREFERRAL
Jamiliah WebbNYHenriettaSow Into YouREFERRAL
Lisa PrimpsCTStamfordThe Primping PlaceREFERRAL
Patti WoodsFLBradentonOff 5th Ave SalonREFERRAL
Sandra GaleVANorfolk-Virginia BeachHair Technology CenterREFERRAL
Stephanie ManusMILivoniaHigh Performance Hair and ScalpREFERRAL
Tere PruettTXAthensSalon Te'PaREFERRAL
Timiko KinerOHMaumeeREFERRAL
William C. BlatterNYLathamHLCCREFERRAL