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USTI Scholarships

Trichology Scholarships

USTI® is proud to offer scholarships for our Hair Loss Specialist & Hair Loss Practitioner classes. One applicant per class will be chosen, each applicant receiving admission to one USTI® Hair Loss Specialist class at no charge, or one USTI® Hair Loss Practitioner class at a discounted rate. Recipients will be chosen based on question responses, economic need and a demonstration of a desire to help clients treat their hair loss.

NOTE: Recipients will be notified approximately 45 days prior to the class.

Which USTI® business development class are you applying for? 

*What is your name? 

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What is your current primary occupation? 

What is the name of your salon or spa? 

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Please write a response for each of the following essay questions.

1. Why are you choosing to complete your trichology training through the US Trichology Institute®? (You have 500 characters to answer this question.)

2. How do you see hair loss treatments playing a role in your career? (You have 500 characters to answer this question.)

3. Why do you believe you are deserving or in need of this scholarship? (You have 1000 characters to answer this question.)

*please note that the Hair Loss Practitioner scholarship is in the form of a $500 class credit.

A selection committee, composed of the USTI® board of directors and beauty industry professionals, will review all eligible applications and select one recipient per business development class.


Terms and conditions:

  1. Scholarship. A minimum of one  Hair Loss Specialist class scholarship and one  Hair Loss Practitioner class scholarship will be awarded per class. Scholarship will be awarded by the way of waived admission to one course or one USTI® Hair Loss Practitioner class at a discounted rate. USTI® reserves the right to add additional scholarships if additional classes dates are added to the class schedule.
  2. Recipient Eligibility. The scholarship recipient must be at least 18 years of age. The scholarship will be forfeited can’t be reached or do not accept the award by/within 7 days of USTI®’s 1st notification of congratulations.”
  3. Application. All applications become the property of USTI®.
  4. Selection of Scholarship Recipients. A selection committee, composed of the board of directors and others in the professional beauty industry, will review all eligible applications and select one recipient per course.
  5. Interpretation of Rules. USTI® is the sole interpreter of the scholarship terms, conditions and eligibility rules. By participating, applicants agree to be bound by these rules and all decisions by USTI are final.
  6. Conditions. USTI® at its sole discretion may modify or suspend the scholarship program and/or may void any entries that do not comply with terms, conditions and eligibility. All entries become the property of USTI®. USTI® is not responsible for internet conditions that result in failed or incomplete applications or related equipment failures or technical malfunctions. USTI® will communicate with scholarship recipient to determine program benefit/outcome and obtain program feedback. All scholarship award decisions made by USTI® are final.
  7. Non-exclusive License. Scholarship applicant grants USTI® a non-exclusive license to utilize member name, city/state and essay information submitted in scholarship application for USTI® member recognition, education, promotion and publicity purposes and agrees to share, or participate in, photographs for publicity purposes.
  8. Scholarship Program Contact. For additional information, contact:, 10 Century Hill Dr. Latham, NY 12110