Welcome to USTI Your Future Hair Growth

Welcome to USTI Your Future Hair Growth

Hair Loss Practitioner

Become a highly skilled Hair Loss Practitioner with our comprehensive course! Gain a course completion certificate and third-party certification from the American Medical Certification Association (AMCA). Delve into hair structure, growth cycles, and various hair loss conditions, equipping yourself with advanced solutions and a 3-month hair rejuvenation kit. Learn to compete in the market, offer consultations, and analyze case studies. Plus, enjoy a 6-month USTI membership and official site listing. Join now to make a difference in clients’ lives and build a successful hair loss solutions business! Enroll for knowledge, success, and personal fulfillment!

Associate Trichologist

Embark on an enriching journey to become an accomplished Associate Trichologist with our comprehensive course. Acquire an Associate Trichologist certificate and National Certification with AMCA, valued at $299. Develop a profound understanding of the body, hair, scalp, and hair loss, along with advanced consultation and checkup skills. Delve into scalp disorders, hair shaft/fiber problems, and hair loss due to drug interactions. Learn to set up, run, and market a successful Trichology business. Enjoy a 6-month USTI membership, connect with professionals, and access chapters 15-30 of the full Trichology program after completing the prerequisite USTI Hair Practitioners course (chapters 1-14). Prepare for an exciting journey in Trichology and hair loss solutions, and establish yourself confidently in this rewarding field.

Clinical Trichologist

Welcome to our Clinical Trichologist Course, where personalized education and hands-on training await you. With a limited class size, our expert instructors, including medical professionals and USTI® Board Members, provide top-notch training. You’ll work with real clients facing diverse hair and scalp issues, gaining invaluable experience. Beyond clinical skills, we cover business aspects like marketing and center setup. Expect live consultations, expert scoping, and role-play exercises. We’re proud to have Angela M. Christiano, a renowned hair loss researcher, as an educator and Scientific Advisor. Join us and become a skilled Trichologist, ready to make a positive impact in the field of hair care.

Trichology Training

Featuring Live Virtual Training – Now available worldwide

USTI® has a mission to empower hairstylists, beauty professionals, salons, spas, and professionals with knowledge about hair thinning and scalp disorders. USTI® offers an introduction to Trichology training program to help you understand the emotional, physical, and psychological symptoms of hair thinning. Learn how to manage your clients’ needs through a comprehensive trichology training course. USTI® offers you the business, marketing, and trichology product knowledge, giving you the tools to provide the most innovative services, resulting in the ultimate customer service experience for your clients. By taking the Trichology Certification course you will discover cosmetic hair rejuvenation options to enhance your services for current clients and how to attract new client flow to your salon, spa, or hair rejuvenation center.

American Medical Certification Association provides 3rd party National Certification of USTI® Trichology Courses

NewYork-Presbyterian Columbia Medical Center

USTI Clinical Training Partner

The United States Trichology Institute proudly stands as a clinical training partner with New York-Presbyterian- Columbia Medical Center, a world-renowned center of excellence, specializing in pioneering research and advanced treatments for hair and scalp health, with a dedicated commitment to patients both nationwide and globally.

Another thing that further sets us apart from other trichology institutes is our strategic collaboration with New York-Presbyterian- Columbia Medical Center for our Clinical Training it Rated the #4 Hospital in the US and # 1 rated Hair Loss Research Hospital in the US.  They have won 20+ grants include $5 million dollar $1 million a year grant from the National Institute of health for research on Alopecia Areata, the world’s top hair loss research is led by USTI scientific adviser Angela M. Christiano, Ph.D., FACMG The world top Hair Loss Researcher. This prestigious academic medical center with a legacy of delivering unparalleled patient care, groundbreaking research, and exceptional medical education. This unique partnership allows us to offer our students into not only specialized trichology research but live trips to meet the researchers, both live and virtual also access to comprehensive research, benefitting from the collective expertise of two leading institutions. 

The United States Trichology Institute and New York-Presbyterian- Columbia Medical Center together exemplify a powerful alliance, redefining the landscape of trichology training.

 *Not always available, based on researchers’ availability, we have done day visits to the research facility, seen half day live virtual presentations, recorded presentation with and with a live Q&A from Angela M. Christiano, Ph.D., FACMG