Learn why USTI is the #1 leading Trichology Program!

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Learn why USTI is the #1 leading Trichology program!

The detailed Q&A will be hosted by:
Founder and Chairmen of USTI® – US Trichology Institute, AMCA Trichologist of the Year, William C. Blatter

Compressive Trichology program:
Information about USTI’s 3 Trichology courses and how they all work together

American Medical AMCA Certification:
Details about AMCA’s exclusive certification

Clinical Training with the #1 Hair Loss Research Hospital, New York-Presbyterian Columbia Medical Center:
How to utilize our Hair Loss Practioner course to make money and help your clients

Learn how our live virtual, online, and in-class training is revolutionizing Trichology training!

Bonus Session:
2:00 pm -2:30 PM EST
Signature Salon and Retail Salon Opportunities
“Understanding the benefits and which is right for you”