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Trichologist Classes

Trichology Education

The US Trichology Institute’s full Trichology program is an exceptional advancement in trichology training. Based on up-to-date Medical & Trichology information, these classes includes most advanced therapies and treatment programs available. USTI’s hands on approach gives student the ability see use scopes in class and see how real consultations and checkups are done. USTI® empowers hairstylists, barbers, salons/spas owners, beauty professionals and medical professionals with the most advanced knowledge and education related to hair loss and scalp disorders. We provide everything you need with the most up to date Full Trichology education training program available anywhere in the world. The Practical in Clinic Training let’s students see and be involved in live consultations and checkups/scoping of accrual live people in a Clinic setting.

Trichology Classes – In-Person or Online

This class contains medical information, hair loss therapies and practical knowledge. You will be able to instantly apply your new knowledge base to your current salon or Trichology Center. The class covers the “how to” you need to know to setup, run and market your Trichology business or center. You will receive a comprehensive guide to advanced treatment options for hair loss and the training to implement the cosmetic hair loss therapies into your practice. This class covers an education on conditions that result in hair loss you will be prepared to offer the right services to each client depending on their hair loss concerns. The class will help you to successfully run a hair loss clinic or trichology practice. The class emphasizes the use of scopes and checkups and gives you the ability to modify your clients programs based on their results and further needs. All this is offer in classroom around the US and Online anywhere in the world.(classes starting to form around the world). Review the class syllabus below for more information or call 518-389-6202 to have all your questions answered.

Trichology Classes Available:

Class Syllabus

2 Day Hair Loss Practitioner Course Syllabus

Chapter 1Functions of the Skin
Chapter 2Glands of the Skin
Chapter 3Hair Structure, Physiology and Chemistry
Chapter 4Hair pH
Chapter 5Amino Acids & Hair Bonds
Chapter 6Hair Texture
Chapter 7Alopecia:
Causes of Alopecia
Types of Alopecia
Alopecia in Women
Alopecia in Men
Chapter 8Diffuse Alopecia & Alopecia Areata
Chapter 9Cicatricial Alopecia & Traction Alopecia
Chapter 10Scoping & Consultations
Chapter 11Check-ups
Chapter 12Advanced Solutions for Alopecia:
Options Available
Low Level Light Technology
Clinic Devices
Home Options
Multi-Therapeutic Approach
Chapter 13Trichology Opportunities:
Program Options
How to Sell Services & Programs
Chapter 14Case Studies
Bonus Chapter:Competitive Strategies
Bonus Chapter:Opportunity & Profit Potential

3 Day Associate Trichologist Course Syllabus

Chapter 15Human Biology Biochemistry
Atoms & Elements
Amino Acids
Chapter 16Human Biology: Body Systems & Cells
Tissue Cells
Muscle Tissue & Nervous Cell Tissue
Chapter 17Systems & Organs Pt. 1
Skeletal System
Muscular System
Organs Overview
Circulatory & Cardiovascular Systems
Chapter 18Systems & Organs Pt. 2
Digestive System
Lymphatic System
Endocrine System
Renal System
Respiratory System
Chapter 19Anatomy & Physiology of the Hair
Chapter 20Anatomy & Physiology of the Scalp
Chapter 21Nutrition, Health & Wellness
Diet and Nutrition
Nutritional Requirements
Vitamins & Food Supplements
Problems Caused by Nutrition
The Gut, Brain and Skin Axis
Chapter 22Advanced Consultations for Hair Loss
Chapter 23Advanced Scoping and Check-ups of the Hair & Scalp
Chapter 24Less Common Hair Loss Problems
Tinea Capitis
Loose Anagen Hair Syndrome
Additional Hair Loss Problems
Chapter 25Scalp Disorders
Chapter 26Hair Shaft & Fiber Problems
Chapter 27Drug & Medicine Related Alopecia
Chapter 28Setting Up & Operating a Hair Loss Center
Chapter 29Marketing Your Hair Loss Center
Chapter 30Comprehensive Guide to Advanced Hair Loss Solutions

4 Day Practical In-Clinic Training Course Syllabus

Join us, in person, for our 4 day Practical In-Clinic Training. While our educators rotate, you can expect doctors, naturopathic doctors, celebrity stylists, certified Trichologists, and leaders in the hair loss industry to provide you with an exceptional hands-on education. The goal is to show you as many types of hair and scalp issues as possible while working side by side with an experienced educator. We do this by bringing in real clients.

USTI® arranges for several clients to come in on each of the four days. Students will see clients with Alopecia Areata, pattern baldness, traction alopecia, hormonal hair loss, drug-induced hair loss and a variety of scalp issues. Students and instructors will work together on each client, with the student taking the lead and the instructor by their side should any questions arise.

We will delve deep into the business side of the industry: marketing, the physical set-up of a center, etc.

We will role play with peers and educators. We will recap the entire course up until this point and have an exam review session.


Online Courses

Online Course AccessContentCourse + Req'd AMCA certification fee
2 Day Hair Loss Practitioner Course (Chapters 1-14)$1,328.00
3 Day Associate Trichologist Course(Chapters 15-30)$1,858.00

Purchase both the 2 Day and 3 Day Online Courses together and save $400 when paying in full.

*Test is given after the completion of class. An online retake is allowed if student does not receive a passing grade the first time.

In-Person Classroom Training Courses

2 Day Hair Loss Practitioner Course (Chapters 1-14)$1,199.00
3 Day Associate Trichologist Course(Chapters 15-30)$1,699.00
4 Day Practical In-Clinic Training Course(Chapters 31-35)$2,099.00
Complete Trichology Program $4,797.00
Complete Trichology Program +
AMCA In-Clinic Certification

Pay for Complete Trichology Program in one full payment and

receive a $500 discount.


Optional AMCA CertificationAdditional Cost
2 Day Hair Loss Practitioner Course $129.00
3 Day Associate Trichologist Course $159.00
4 Day Practical In-Clinic Training Course$169.00

Course Notes:
Payment plans available. Each course is offered with certain details & terms. You will receive a 6 month membership as part of this application and registration for a course, it is included in your course cost. The application/registration fee of $99 will be applied in full to your course tuition. Membership is limited to licensed salon stylists, salon owners, spa owners, estheticians, and professionals working and licensed within the medical communities. You must to be a USTI® member to attend the course. Membership is only for the qualified groups of people listed below. Testing is completed at the end of the Hair Loss Practitioner  (chapter 1-14) and Associate Trichologist (chapter 15-30) courses in a supervised and written format. Online course participants, have access to a monthly webinar. The webinar will commence via an online and phone conference presentation including a questions and answer session. Up to 8 optional short coaching calls can be scheduled as well. Your Training Consultant can schedule calls with you on the  chapters to coincide with your tests. Courses can be done at your own pace, but full Trichology course normally takes 3 months to 18 months. Should you need to go past 2 years there is a $75 reenrollment fee. If you take an online course you can either take you test at anyone of the USTI in person classes or at the USTI headquarters for free with advance notice. Alternatively, online testing is through a proctored exam with an additional cost associated: $17.50 Hair Loss Specialist,  $25 Hair Loss Practitioner, Associate Trichologist, more if expedited (less than 72 hr. notice Plus $5). *To be a Full USTI Trichologist, you need to complete the Hair Loss Practitioner  (chapter 1-14) and Associate Trichologist (chapter 15-30) courses, in addition to the Practical In-Clinic Training.