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Practical In-Clinic Training

Join us, in person, for our 4 day class with our Certified Trichologists, educators, licensed cosmetologists, Hair Loss Practitioners and Specialists (and may have our Board of Director or physician available for additional training). The goal is to show you as many types of hair and scalp issues as possible while watching an experienced trainer, step by step, in office. We do this by bringing in real clients.

This course is priced at $1,999.

Albany, NYOctober 15 - 18, 2017CLASS INFO
Here are our Trichologist graduates! 100% of our class passed!USTI was fortunate enough to hold our first Practical Training Class at the historic Langston Hughes home in Harlem.USTI understands that every student learns differently and all educators teach differently. We don't just have one instructor. We have Trichologists, Doctors, USTI Board Members, a Naturopathic Doctor, a creative director of a global hair care company and a celebrity stylist among our list of educators!The interior of this historic home.Here we have a student scoping a hair loss model.Dr. Candy is here, overseeing a future Trichologist perform a consultation with a patient.A close up photo of the scalp and hair follicles.This was an example of a hair loss client that came in for a consultation.USTI helps students achieve their dreams of advancing their careers by becoming a Trichologist or Hair Loss Professional. This poem seemed appropriate and set the tone for the day.
USTI understands that every student learns differently and all educators teach differently. We don't just have one instructor. We have Trichologists, Doctors, USTI Board Members, a Naturopathic Doctor, a creative director of a global hair care company and a celebrity stylist among our list of educators!

So, what should I expect from the clinical training?

At our most recent Practical In-Clinic Training, we had five instructors and only eight students. We limit the number of students in each class to ensure that they all receive very personal training, designed to fit their needs as a future Trichologist. Our instructors at this particular class included a medical doctor and four Trichologists. Among these instructors, three of them were USTI® Board Members; one is a board certified naturopathic doctor; one a certified master herbalist; one is a world renowned laser & hair loss expert. We also had a celebrity stylist, who is the global creative director of a major hair care company, among our educators.

Although our educators are rotated throughout classes, this is the caliber that you can expect us to deliver for every class.

USTI® arranged for several clients to come in on each of the four days. Students saw Alopecia Areata, pattern baldness, traction alopecia, hormonal hair loss, drug-induced hair loss and a variety of scalp issues. Students and instructors worked together on each client, with the student taking the lead and the instructor by their side should any questions arise.

We delved deep into the business side of the industry: marketing, maintaining a digital presence, press releases, advertisements and more. We discussed the physical set-up of a center – everything from the layout of offices and exam rooms to the equipment needed. Each student had a chance to discuss their own center and what things they personally needed to do to expand business and provide the best care possible for their clients.

In between all of that, we spent time reviewing everything they have learned over the first three courses. After all of our students passed the exam (100% graduation rate!!), we celebrated by going out to dinner!


Students Receive: Hands on Practical Training and Demonstrations

  • Live consultations, scoping and checkups with live people/models
  • Expert scoping – identifying progression and timelines
  • Proper tracking of pictures
  • Consent for use in your practice before & after’s
  • Check-up (live models)
  • Consultation role play with questions, objections, and guidance to provide proper solutions
  • Documentation and sales form review
  • Identifying product and program/solution referral
  • LLLT Training and hands-on low level light device operations
  • Safety operations – OSHA-MSDS compliance with retail products

Course Notes:
Payment plans available. Each course is offered with certain details & terms. You will receive a 6 month membership as part of this application and registration for a course, it is included in your course cost. The application/registration fee of $99 will be applied in full to your course tuition. Membership is limited to licensed salon stylists, salon owners, spa owners, estheticians, and professionals working and licensed within the medical communities. You must to be a USTI® member to attend the course. Membership is only for the qualified groups of people listed below. Testing is completed at the end of the Hair Loss Practitioner  (chapter 1-14) and Associate Trichologist (chapter 15-30) courses in a supervised and written format. Online course participants, have access to a monthly webinar. The webinar will commence via an online and phone conference presentation including a questions and answer session. Up to 8 optional short coaching calls can be scheduled as well. Your Training Consultant can schedule calls with you on the  chapters to coincide with your tests. Courses can be done at your own pace, but full Trichology course normally takes 3 months to 18 months. Should you need to go past 2 years there is a $75 reenrollment fee. If you take an online course you can either take you test at anyone of the USTI in person classes or at the USTI headquarters for free with advance notice. Alternatively, online testing is through a proctored exam with an additional cost associated: $17.50 Hair Loss Specialist,  $25 Hair Loss Practitioner, Associate Trichologist, more if expedited (less than 72 hr. notice Plus $5). *To be a Full USTI Trichologist, you need to complete the Hair Loss Practitioner  (chapter 1-14) and Associate Trichologist (chapter 15-30) courses, in addition to the Practical In-Clinic Training.