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Hair Loss Specialist Business Development Classes

Trichology Training

Spend the day learning about hair loss, hair loss services and gain an overall understanding of Trichology. Leave with the confidence and skills to move your business forward. Space is limited!

This class is priced at $499. Payment plans are available.

You will receive:

  • Hair Loss Specialist course completion certificate and digital badge
  • The ability to offer hair loss treatments with confidence
  • Learn how to really help your clients while building your business
  • 3 month supply hair loss solution kit – sell for $225
  • The ability to offer hair loss solutions and the confidence to help your clients & build your business
  • Third-party certification from American Medical Certification Association (AMCA) (optional)
  • 6 month USTI membership included for all qualified
  • USTI site listing as verification of your accomplishment
  • Lunch and refreshments included with business development class

Topics to be covered:

  • Hair Loss Facts
  • What is Trichology
  • Hair Growth Cycle
  • Causes of Hair Loss
  • Types of Hair Loss
  • Female and Male Pattern Hair Loss
  • Alopecia Arreata & Traction Alopecia
  • Cicatricial Alopecia (Scarring)
  • Hair Loss Treatment Options
  • Consultations for Hair Loss
  • Laser Treatment for Hair Loss
  • Products & Multi-therapeutic Approach
  • Case Studies

Course Notes:
Payment plans available. Each course is offered with certain details & terms. You will receive a 6 month membership as part of this application and registration for a course, it is included in your course cost. The application/registration fee of $99 will be applied in full to your course tuition. Membership is limited to licensed salon stylists, salon owners, spa owners, estheticians, and professionals working and licensed within the medical communities. You must to be a USTI® member to attend the course. Membership is only for the qualified groups of people listed below. Testing is completed at the end of the Hair Loss Practitioner (chapter 1-14) and Associate Trichologist (chapter 15-30) courses in a supervised and written format. Online course participants, have access to a monthly webinar. The webinar will commence via an online and phone conference presentation including a questions and answer session. Up to 8 optional short coaching calls can be scheduled as well. Your Training Consultant can schedule calls with you on the chapters to coincide with your tests. Courses can be done at your own pace, but full Trichology course normally takes 3 months to 18 months. Should you need to go past 2 years there is a $75 reenrollment fee. If you take an online course you can either take you test at anyone of the USTI in person classes or at the USTI headquarters for free with advance notice. Alternatively, online testing is through a proctored exam with an additional cost associated: $17.50 Hair Loss Specialist, $25 Hair Loss Practitioner, Associate Trichologist, more if expedited (less than 72 hr. notice Plus $5). *To be a Full USTI Trichologist, you need to complete the Hair Loss Practitioner (chapter 1-14) and Associate Trichologist (chapter 15-30) courses, in addition to the Practical In-Clinic Training.